At QEF we believe that everyone matters and everyone makes a difference.

For more than 80 years, we have been opening up possibilities and transforming the lives of people with disabilities, across the UK. We always want to ensure people get the best help there is. That’s the thinking behind our Bugzi Loan Scheme. 

Bugzi is a powered wheelchair that is custom designed for young children. It was designed and built as a unique way to help give children with disabilities the mobility they need when they are so eager to explore their world, something that is not available from the NHS.

We learn by doing – by moving, testing, discovering, searching, finding and making mistakes. It’s a very physical process. The more mobile a child is, the more they can form those vital connections. This is the kind of rich, movement-based development Bugzi makes possible.

Take, Courtney, a bright, curious little girl born with a spinal condition that makes it hard for her to move. Without her Bugzi she would have had great difficulty engaging with her surroundings and playing with her big sister, exploring her world as children so love to do. Now, thanks to Bugzi, Courtney is “all over the place,” to quote her delighted mum, Dawn.

We’d love to get Bugzis to as many children who need them as possible. But, we currently have a long waiting list. This means that children are simply missing out. We want to ensure fewer children are left waiting – we want to loan more than 40 Bugzis by the end of the year, but in order to build them, we have to fund them! It costs a total of £5,000 to add a new Bugzi to the fleet and make it user-ready. For children who require a ventilation adaptation, this increases the cost to £6,284.

If you could give £10, you could help cover the cost of a new set of wheels – so critical for the mobility and independence Bugzi provides. Just think about the difference this gift could make to a child like Courtney.

If you can support with, say £15, you could help towards the special ergonomic tray that comes fitted to each Bugzi chair, making it possible for children to eat, play games, read books and more, all while on the go!

A gift of £30 could go towards a Bugzi battery, the vital power source that makes it possible for a child to be as active as they want to be, without worrying about running out of juice.

Please donate now. Thank you for anything you can give to help.

I hope more families can have their lives transformed by a Bugzi, as we have. The more of these amazing chairs QEF can provide, the more childhoods can be changed for the better.”

Dawn, Courtney's Mum