Can you donate Personal Protective Equipment to protect QEF’s frontline staff or make a donation towards the cost of PPE?

As a charity QEF relies on voluntary income so our frontline staff can go above and beyond to care for our clients and residents. This includes ensuring we have PPE for our key workers. As a direct result of Covid-19 we have seen our PPE expenditure increase from an average monthly spend of £400 to £6,5000 in April 2020 alone. Can you help us?

PPE that QEF uses include:

  • Fluid repellent surgical masks
  • Aprons
  • Gloves
  • Eye protection
  • Liquid soap with 60% alcohol content
  • Disposable hand towels

Thank you so much for your incredible support.

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Help us make a difference 

Our corporate partnerships make a huge difference to the lives of disabled people in the UK. We work with businesses of all sizes and across multiple sectors to build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships, from well-known retailers to global sporting organisations.

Our Partnership with Exxon Mobil 

ExxonMobil’s support of QEF has had an extremely positive impact on all of our staff. From volunteer days across their services to sponsorship of some really wonderful events, we are always happy to help such a worthwhile cause. As well as this we have had a fantastic time fundraising for QEF, being involved in events such as the Prudential Ride London–Surrey 100 bike event."  
Sophie Foale, Community Affairs Adviser, ExxonMobil

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