At QEF we recognise the need for the charity sector to change if it wants to engage with the business community in today’s challenging market conditions.

The Ambassadors Club is a concept which we believe will help deliver tangible benefits back to your business as well as supporting disabled children and adults both locally in our community and nationally.
With one in six – 11 million people – in the UK having some form of disability, most of your staff, customers, suppliers or friends or family have been touched by disability in some way or other. QEF works with 4,000 children and adults every year, some nationally but many from the local community in SE England.

Raising staff morale, building teams, generating positive local and national media coverage and demonstrating your organisation’s values and commitment to your customers, employees and the local community on an in issue that can affect their lives  is important to us all. That is why we have developed this innovative opportunity to engage with businesses on an individual level.

If you or your company is interested in joining our Ambassadors Club or want to help through a staff volunteer day, fundraising event or sponsorship please contact Sue Pressey on 01372 841223 or email