Switch on a toy today

This Christmas, presents for disabled children like Harvey will sit there sad, lifeless and untouched. Unless you help us switch them on.

Harvey has a condition that means he can’t move the left side of his body. He can’t squeeze a toy to make it sing and dance. In fact, most modern toys – the toys that other boys and girls his age play with – are simply not suitable for Harvey. The joy of playing with a new toy will pass many disabled children by on Christmas Day.

Don’t let disabled children like Harvey miss out this Christmas. Can you imagine how frustrating it must feel to have to leave your new toy untouched? Engineer volunteers like Dick work tirelessly to adapt toys and connect them to a large button that disabled children can use to bring their toys to life.

Your donation today will switch on Christmas and make it brighter and more magical for more children like Harvey.

Toys aren’t just for fun. Toys have a long-lasting impact on a child’s life. Interacting with toys helps to create neural pathways and connections that are vital for children’s development. If disabled children are deprived of their chance to interact and play with toys, they miss out on this crucial stage of their development.

Switch on nurturing these young minds at the most critical time of their development.

Toys help children learn about cause and effect too – take Harvey for example, he now knows that pressing Bob the Minion’s button makes him dance. This developmental stage is so important. It’s when children learn that their actions have consequences, both good and bad.

Your actions today can have incredible consequences on a disabled child’s life. If you are able to make a donation today you can switch Christmas on for disabled children.

I just can’t thank QEF enough. I hope you’ll support this brilliant charity and help to make another child like my Harvey smile this Christmas.

Nicola, Harvey's mum