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A gift in your Will is a wonderful way of making a positive difference beyond your lifetime and helping future generations of disabled people. You can be confident that your gift will be greatly needed and always carefully used. Your generosity could really help provide a brighter future for disabled people.

For example:

£300 could enable someone affected by brain injury to relearn basic movement skills with a physiotherapist with the support of a hoist.

£2,500 could give a wheelchair user the ability to move independently from their bed to their wheelchair with a ceiling tracking hoist.

£20,000 could purchase a vehicle to drive people to and from our centres enabling them to re-learn everyday skills that have been lost as a result of a brain injury.

£35,000 could pay for specialist computer equipment and assistive environmental controls for three disabled people to enable them to communicate with others and move around independently.

A legacy for life

It is wonderful when QEF friends and supporters leave a gift in their Will to QEF and especially thoughtful when they let us know of their intentions. Mary is one of those people. Now 77 years old, Mary is one of our volunteers and has seen at first hand the difference QEF makes in the lives of disabled people. “They identify and maximise the ability of each person and encourage and enable them to enjoy as much independence as possible”, says Mary.

As a single woman with little family she is happy to leave half to the family and half to charity. For this gift, QEF, and those it supports is forever grateful.

Inheritance tax and gifts

It is worth remembering that all gifts left to UK-registered charities such as QEF are exempt from inheritance tax which may save tax that your estate would otherwise have to pay.

Contact us

If you have already remembered us in your will – thank you. If you would like any further information or the opportunity to visit a service to see how your gift could help, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on01372 841132 or email legacy@qef.org.uk