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Over 75% of the population donate to charity in their lifetime but less than 5% leave anything in a Will.  

Updating or Amending A Will

To update or make amendments to an existing Will, you can update it by means of a Codicil. This is a supplement to the original Will with additional instructions to minor changes. There are no limits to the amount of Codicils that may be addedd. Your solicitor or other professional advisor will tell you how to go about it.

It is a good idea to update your Will periodically as your circumstances change.

We strongly recommend that you have your Will written or changed by a professional with experience of writing Wills, for example a solicitor or a professional Will writer. A Will is a legal document and there are specific rules to how it should be drawn up – if it fails to meet the legal requirements, it can be invalid or cause difficulties for those who inherit.

If you wish you include QEF in your Will this is the information you will need: 

Charity: Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People

Registered Charity No. 251051

Address: Leatherhead Court, Woodlands Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 OBN

Contact us

If you have already remembered us in your will – thank you. If you would like any further information or the opportunity to visit a service to see how your gift could help, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 01372 841132 or email legacy@qef.org.uk