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What kinds of gift can I donate in my will?
  • A share of your estate (residuary legacy) – that is to say, what is left when once you have worked out what you are leaving to your family and friends.
  • A specific sum of money  (pecuniary legacy) to an individual or organisation.
  • particular item – for example, a piece of property, jewellery, paintings or any items that you think will be of value to QEF's work when sold. 
5 top tips for making a will:
  • Think about what possessions and assets you have and who you want to leave a gift to, before you visit your solicitor to save time and money.
  • Don't forget your sentimental items; if you have any specific items that you wish to leave someone in particular you should state this in your will. 
  • If you have a child under the age of 18, or a disabled family member that you care for, you may want to include a clause stating who should care for them in your place.
  • Consider your funeral wishes, it is important to document any specific wishes in writing in your Will
  • Choose your Executors, who you want to appoint to administer your estate and carry out your wishes outlined in your Will. Will they want to act? Are they capable of acting?

It is very important to have the correct wording and information of individuals or organisation that you wish to include.

Should you want to leave a gift to Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People the wording below is an example of what could be written:

“I give to Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (Registered Charity No. 251051) of Leatherhead Court, Woodlands Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 OBN… (description of legacy)…to be used for its general charitable purposes and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or duly authorised officer shall be a valid and appropriate form of discharge”

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If you have already remembered us in your will – thank you. If you would like any further information or the opportunity to visit a service to see how your gift could help, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on 01372 841132 or email legacy@qef.org.uk