Please help us provide the best possible care and services for people with disability and brain injury. 

Shane was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, his lungs were crushed, his voice box was punctured, he had a brain injury and feared he would never walk again.

Before his accident, Shane had been extremely active – a gymnast, a musician and a performer. He had the drive and dedication needed to recover, and with the time and guidance of expert QEF therapists, he made an astonishing recovery. Shane’s journey back from the brink – taking little steps, then walking, and finally running – is a perfect example of QEF’s ‘can do’ spirit in action

The need for QEF’s services is huge and growing. A bad fall, a severe car accident or a devastating stroke can happen to anyone. In the UK every 90 seconds someone is admitted to hospital with a brain injury. Meanwhile, there are over 13 million people in the UK with a disability. Simply put, we need to do more.

QEF is a national charity working with over 5,000 disabled children and adults with physical disabilities or acquired brain injuries every year. We are committed to providing life transforming services that enable people with disabilities gain new skills to live independently, rehabilitation after a brain injury, stroke or illness, or improve independence through increased mobility so that people like Shane fulfil their potential in life.

QEF is blessed with some of the most dedicated, caring and insightful experts working anywhere in the disability sector; people you can trust to deliver.

Please donate now to change lives. Every person who is helped, every skill that is learned (or relearned), every tentative step that is taken – all of that, and more, will be made possible by your kindness.

Thank you for whatever you can give to help. 

After months in a coma I had to learn to do everything again