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Our Pledge to You

You may have seen media coverage about charity fundraising practices, so as valued friends and supporters of QEF we wanted to reassure you that we never have nor ever would share your information with any other organisation. Last year we helped over 4,000 disabled children and adults and quite simply, we couldn’t do this work without the personal involvement and generosity of you – our volunteers and donors. 

Over recent years your gifts and help have enabled QEF to refit a wheelchair accessible canal boat, fund specialist nurses and equipment at our brain injury centre, develop a therapy garden as well as a brand new Group Home for residents to experience supported living before moving on. Last year over 30 Bugzis, powered wheelchairs for children aged between one and six, were produced at MERU and loaned to disabled children. MERU also develops vital specialist disability aids for children for whom there is nothing else available. All this work enables disabled people to lead more independent lives and could not happen without your help. 

We follow strict rules and guidelines to protect your privacy and data but we would hate to think that our relationship with you is just details in a database. We know that you understand how important our work is in changing lives and that there is nothing wrong with seeking donations. However, we understand the trust you have placed in us demands the highest standards so we make these promises to you: 

  • We promise never to pass your details onto any other organisations.
  • We will communicate in a way that suits you. If you tell us you would prefer less contact or don’t want to hear from us at all, we will respect your wishes. 
  • We will keep your personal details safe.  
  • We will bank a donation promptly so that it is working for disabled and disadvantaged people as soon as possible.
  • We will keep administration costs to a minimum.
  • We will provide information about our work and finances so you can see how your donation is being spent and the difference you are making to the lives of disabled children and adults.

We’re also members of the Fundraising Standards Board self-regulatory scheme, which means that we follow the Institute of Fundraising Codes of Fundraising Practice.   

Our latest audited financial figures show that 82p in every £1 donated to QEF goes directly to funding services or equipment for children and adults with disabilities. The remaining 18p covers fundraising activities, administrative support for the range of specialist services that we offer and the running of our charity shops. We will continue to keep our administration costs to a minimum.

Thank you for your continued support.