• Alex and the NRS Team

''I had just started my first year of university and had a taste of independence. Then I had a stroke, and everything changed.’

‘The therapy provided by QEF was fantastic. It guided me through my recovery in what I felt was a personalised and insightful journey.’

Through our Neuro Rehabilitation Services, QEF offers specialist support to people whose brains have been injured by a stroke, a traumatic accident, an attack or a serious illness.

Such injuries can happen in an instant - and affect all areas of life.

People can’t do what they did before as their bodies don’t respond in the same way. Some struggle to move at all and even have difficulty swallowing. Communication and memory may be affected, emotions in turmoil and plans for the future thrown into chaos; imagine how terrifying that must be.

Piece by piece, the nurses, carers, therapists, neuropsychologists, and education and vocational specialists who deliver our Neuro Rehabilitation Services are able to help people to put their lives back together - not quite the same, but no longer broken.

It’s extraordinary work - and it couldn’t happen without you. We are all incredibly grateful.

  •  £20 could help pay for a Sara Stedy™ standing aid
  •  £35 could help pay for a wheelchair-towing winch
  •  £50 could help pay for a next-generation Environmental Control Unit
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While some UK charities have hundreds of thousands of people to call on, QEF relies on just 16,000 or so friends and supporters who enable us to help around 4,000 disabled children and adults every year. That’s an incredible one person helped by each four supporters – so you can see how what a vital role you play.