We need your help to get more Bugzis out to more families as soon as possible.

“From their very first time in a Bugzi, children can begin to explore their world and make discoveries. It’s wonderful to see the joy on their faces, especially in light of the extraordinary challenges they face every day. The only problem is, there aren’t enough Bugzis to go around to every child who needs one.”

Each one costs £5,000 to make, with the customised fittings and controls required to meet the individual needs of a disabled child. Many families simply can’t afford this price tag, which is why we have a ‘fleet’ of 194 Bugzis, which we loan out via our assessment centres in Surrey, Yorkshire and Cornwall.

BUT - we still have 43 children on the waiting list.

If you do decide to support us today, your donation won’t just help once but many times over. You see, at the end of the loan period, each Bugzi is returned to us, refurbished and loaned out again to help another family - which means your gift keeps helping too.

We already have a brilliant team of volunteers - from newly qualified to retired engineers who’ve spent their lives in the industry - in our MERU workshop, ready to give their time and skills to assemble these life-changing wheelchairs. 

Each Bugzi costs £5,000 to make which includes:

  • £30 for a battery charger
  • £35 for a set of wheels and castors for a Bugzi
  • £150 for an entire control unit
  • £270 for the distinctive and durable green Bugzi shell.
  • £700 for specialist seating
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Regular gifts allow us to plan in a more efficient way, save us administrative costs and let us plan for the future with the reassurance that we have the income to back the decisions we make. If you are able to consider a regular gift to QEF, you can sign up quickly and safely online, by clicking HERE.