• Alex and Lisa

There’s an incredible, nurturing, experienced and energetic team at our Independent Living Services at Dorincourt, where we work with the residents to realise their dream of independence. But this dream also needs to be supported by the equipment and the additional activities we can offer.

Thanks to your donations to our appeal, we can now cover the costs of leisure activities and drama club so that we can host weekly two-hour sessions for 28 weeks, with the aim of putting together two performances, all carried out by a professional company doing both one-to-one and group activities. We are all incredibly grateful.

We raised £20,662 to cover the cost of some much needed equipment like a standing and balance trainer for the residents’ physiotherapy sessions that will help with active exercise for residents with limited mobility. With the balance trainer the residents will have the freedom to move safely in an upright position to stimulate their motor, sensory and cognitive skills, whilst giving the physiotherapist the freedom to develop a full range of exercises for them. The impact of this trainer is many-fold: it helps with stiffness, with contracture prophylaxis, with improvement of respiration and with social integration.

For the residents, leisure activities, like drama club, are important to provide that little bit extra that everyone needs in their life. Alex is a resident at ILS. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age. He has always been in a wheelchair and and he has some learning difficulties. But that hasn’t stopped Alex. He is a determined young man. He’s tried various ways of living here at QEF – and has found the way of living that suits him best. Alex said "the physiotherapy and support here has helped me move around on my own for the first time. I feel much more confident now."

All gifts, small and large, add up and help towards purchasing this equipment.

  • £20 could go towards a sturdy camera and tripod so we can film how we support residents with dysphagia at feeding times.
  • £35 could help towards physiotherapy equipment that will help to maximise the residents’ independence.
  • £10,000 could cover the whole cost of the balance trainer including software, ramp, installation, training and delivery.
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While some UK charities have hundreds of thousands of people to call on, QEF relies on just 16,000 or so friends and supporters who enable us to help around 5,000 disabled children and adults every year. That’s an incredible one person helped by each four supporters – so you can see how what a vital role you play.