• Ambitious targets- together we can do it

At QEF we believe that Everyone Matters and Everyone Makes a Difference. For more than 80 years, we have been opening up possibilities and transforming the lives of people with disabilities, across the UK. We always want to ensure people get the best help there is. 

With the help of so many of our supporters, over the past year we have been able to invest more in our work, strengthen our services, and reach more people than ever before. We're proud of what we have achieved, but there is so much more work we need to do. 

That's why we're launching a major new campaign - with some ambitious targets. There are lots of men, women and children in our community who could benefit from our support, so we're asking everyone who shares our commitment to improving the lives of people with disabilities to help us reach them. 

Over the next six months, we'll be needing your support as we set out to widen our reach and help more people than ever before. You can help us provide even more support than we did last year. in 2018 we provided the equivalent of 5,918 total days of rehabilitation, we housed 40 residents at our Independent Living Service, we loaned 1,748 pieces of equipment and issued 58 custom designed Bugzi wheelchairs. 

We are launching a number of appeals during the campaign- the first one being, the Bugzi appeal. Bugzi is a powered wheelchair custom designed for young children. it was designed and built as a unique was to help give children with disabilities the mobility they need when they are so eager to explore their world, something that is not available from the NHS. You can read more about how we need your help to fund these remarkable chairs here