• Survive and Thrive Appeal

Like many other charities, QEFs fundraising income has been massively hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. We have sought support from the government and found many creative ways to make economies in every area of our work to raise close to £500,000 in order to limit the impact on the services we provide. But the fact is that we still need to raise a further £500,000 by September this year to ensure our services can continue.

The virus pandemic has meant we have had to step up and make fast, significant changes to the way we work. As part of the official NHS response, QEF has been easing the burden on our health service by providing specialist care to help people stay out of hospital and keep those crucial beds available. We have made every effort to keep our clients supported as much as possible, exploring new ways of delivering care safely and reliably.

Now we are turning to you for your help, so that we can be here for people like Richard.

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Richard first came to us last year, following an accident in his home. He fell down a flight of stairs and sustained serious injuries to his body and his brain. After an emergency stay in hospital with several life-threatening injuries, Richard spent five months living at QEF’s Neuro Rehabilitation Service, and had a huge range of rehabilitation care. Thanks to his determination he made great progress in walking, speech and sight, as well as working with a clinical psychologist and occupational therapy team.

Now that he’s home, Richard is doing well, but has been struggling during the pandemic lockdown. He’s been feeling lonely, and misses being able to get out for exercise and walks. But we’ve been helping him fight the isolation. “Holly from QEF has been brilliant,” he says, “and calls me every few weeks to see how I am doing. She has promised to let me know as soon as there is any information about the QEF Mobility Centre opening up again.” Richard was due to re-take his driving test last month, at our Mobility Centre, to give him the independence he lost after his accident – but as a result of lockdown this has not been possible.

There is an immense need for our services, and an increasing shortfall of funds to help us provide them. 

Help us survive so disabled people can thrive by donating today.

A gift of £8 could help towards providing vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits, providing essential masks, gloves and other items that will prevent the spread of the virus as we go about our work.

A larger gift of £15 could help change the life of a disabled child and help fund a Bugzi wheelchair to give them mobility and independence.

A generous gift of £30 could help with the cost of a therapy session for someone like Richard. We still need to provide speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and more, and you can help make this possible

Thank you for anything you can give. 

Or please consider setting up a direct debit.

Direct debits allow us to plan in a more efficient way, save us some administrative costs and let us set budgets with the reassurance that we have the income to back the decisions we make. If you are able to consider a regular gift to QEF, please click to download our Direct Debit Form.