Neuro Rehabilitation life changing therapy

QEF Neuro Rehabilitation Services is busier than ever, thanks to a new partnership with East Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group to provide inpatient rehabilitation for people that are recovering following a stroke.

The new partnership sees spaces at QEF Neuro Rehabilitation Services in Banstead dedicated to rehabilitation for NHS stroke patients, as part of an NHS early supported discharge scheme, so they can benefit from our expert specialist services.

This change means patients from Surrey can have rehabilitation closer to home and they can also be supported by the wider QEF services that your support allows us to offer!

Helping families as well as clients Jenny came to QEF after she was diagnosed with a serious neurological condition. After feeling aches in her legs she became concerned when her hand began tingling too. This progressed until she couldn’t walk or use her hands at all. Jenny was admitted to Colchester hospital in May 2017, where she was diagnosed with neurovasculitis. She was referred to QEF to receive intensive physio and occupational therapy.

After a programme of therapy designed especially for Jenny, her confidence and ability improved to the extent that she felt confident enough to do a 200 metre sponsored ‘walkathon’ around the building, raising nearly £1,800 for QEF.

Jenny is still being treated for vasculitis but has returned home and says: “there’s still a long way to go, however things are returning to normal!”

She uses a rollator to support her as she walks but she can now use stairs, and can walk from the kitchen to her front door unaided.

Jenny keeps in touch and recently told us: “Without you I wouldn’t be anywhere near as well as I am now.” She is also looking at returning to driving with help from the QEF’s Mobility Centre where our occupational therapists will assess her capacity to drive and help her to get back on the road as her confidence improves.

My next goal
Jenny and her family want to help others having neuro rehabilitation too. Some great news is that her niece is getting married in April, and she has requested contributions to QEF in lieu of wedding presents. Jenny told us: “My next goal is to walk down the aisle at my niece’s wedding unaided.”

Jenny also intends to leave QEF some money in her will. Talking about this, she said: “I’d certainly encourage people to leave a legacy to QEF. I’ve seen two stroke patients leaving here, confident in getting back to their lives, and I know what an amazing difference it makes.”

“QEF began to feel like family. It was lovely – everyone cared about me as a person, whether they knew me or not, and I felt loved. Thank you to all of you at QEF for all your encouragement and hard work. You just do such amazing work and long may it continue!”

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