Nursing at the heart of neuro rehabilitation

Michelle Gray is head of nursing and rehabilitation support at our Neuro Rehabilitation Services in Banstead.

Michelle doesn’t start her day with a coffee but with a “Hello” to her team.

The next call is the morning’s multi-discipline meeting to plan the day, dealing with practicalities and concerns to ensure smooth running and preparation for eventualities.

Behind the programme of intensive therapies necessary for neurorehabilitation, the nursing team are at the heart of the process, ensuring that all daily living needs are met for individuals with complex and severe conditions. This includes washing, dressing, feeding and drinking. Rehabilitation is promoted by encouraging clients to manage aspects of these tasks as independently as possible. The team also administer medication, attend therapies and escort individuals to hospital or dentist appointments as required.

Support plans ensure that leisure time can be client centred and structured accordingly. Enjoyable leisure activities provide meaningful opportunities to practice skills alongside the required therapies.

Michelle says that most of her satisfaction comes from seeing our clients well cared for. We are able to provide a high level of client care because of our high staffi ng ratios to deal with the complex conditions of many of our clients. And we can be fluid to their needs. Michelle’s favourite comment from a client’s mother is “Him being here is not just being a client but part of a family”. The homely atmosphere is one of the strengths of this amazing unit.

The range of accommodation, facilities and equipment is vital to deliver high quality nursing. Supporters like you have provided equipment, enabled us to decorate rooms, ensured the right environment to support rehabilitation and funded art and music and other leisure activities crucial to improving the quality of life. Your generosity and continued support is very welcome and we are grateful.

Michelle’s nursing management experience came from the NHS but she wanted to use her skills in something a bit different and discovered rehabilitation nursing with QEF. What was important to her was that the staff were rated as ‘Caring’. “That you can’t teach and it speaks volumes."

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