Recognition for Namrata

After spending nearly a year at QEF Neuro Rehabilitation Services, Namrata has returned home with a new found independence. Her hard work, commitment, enthusiasm and determination have been an inspiration to all who know her and her progress is a testament to the benefit of the funds raised for NRS to help people with brain injuries acquired through trauma, stroke, or like Namrata, serious illness.

In 2007, when she was thirteen, Namrata was diagnosed with a type of cancerous brain tumour called a posterior fossa ependymoma. She had intensive surgery and weeks of radiography, and as a result of a weakened immune system, developed encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain that caused memory loss, and cognitive and sensory impairments. 

Although the surgery dealt with the tumour, Namrata had a relapse less than two years later, and the effects brought further problems with memory loss, facial weakness, dysarthria, and poor balance and coordination. She did her best to cope with these impairments while continuing to live at home with her family, but was not getting the educational or developmental support she needed.

“From the outset, she was highly motivated and particularly keen to gain qualifications whilst at the centre.”

Namrata came to QEF NRS in August 2014 and made excellent progress in all areas of her rehabilitation. From the outset, she was highly motivated and particularly keen to gain qualifications whilst at the centre. She gained literacy and numeracy certificates and continues to work towards further educational awards.

As she regained confidence Namrata made huge moves forward in communicating with other people, as initially she found this very difficult because of her hearing and speech impairments.

During her last few months at QEF Namrata moved into a bedsit at the Banstead Brain Injury Centre, as a move towards further independence and happily got involved in the many QEF activities and events. She also ran her own coffee and hot chocolate stall, which was very popular, and something Namrata loved doing.  She was kind and understanding to the other QEF clients, which made her a very positive influence and a great role model. 

When she left, she told us that she is looking forward to spending time with her family and plans to attend college to continue studying. It was no surprise to learn that she was awarded the 2015 Girdlers’ Medallion by the Girdlers’ Company in May. These special medallions are presented to individuals in recognition of their great talent and endeavours, and Namrata is certainly a worthy recipient.