Sophia’s Bugzi

The brilliant Bugzi powered micro-wheelchair is continuing to help children with disabilities achieve independence. Although designed and built by MERU, a member of the QEF family of charities, Bugzi assessments for suitability and customisation are carried out at the QEF Mobility Centre.

Sophia is six years old and has a working diagnosis of cerebral palsy. She has been using a Bugzi for two years. Her mother Tracey explained how it has changed Sophia’s life. “We first heard about Bugzi at the PACE centre in Aylesbury, which Sophia attended. They told us about the loan scheme and we immediately applied. The assessment was quick and straightforward, everyone was really helpful and made sure each component was right for Sophia. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Part of the family

“Sophia has poor core stability and needs supportive seating. She is unable to move unassisted, even rolling and sitting needs support. She uses her Bugzi in the house to get to whichever room she wants to go to. She can help with things like taking her plate to the dishwasher after dinner. It just makes her feel more involved and able to do some of the things her sisters do.

“It’s a brilliant piece of equipment and we are very grateful for having been loaned it. It’s improved Sophia’s sense of surroundings. She has to think about what is around her and has definitely gained better spatial awareness. She can have her toy cash register on the tray and pretend to serve customers, and then go and get things from around the house for her ‘customers’.”

Sophia herself also had a few things to say. When asked if she likes her Bugzi, she said: “I love it! I get to move around by myself! I like playing shops!”

To find out more about the Bugzi Loan Scheme please call 0208 770 1151 or email