Switching toys on at MERU

Friends and supporters have helped us by donating to pay for the parts needed to adapt toys to make them more accessible for children with disabilities. The response was amazing and we are so grateful.

Supporters donations made it possible for our enthusiastic and hardworking team of volunteers to modify hundreds and hundreds of toys. 

Many toys that have features which come to life when they’re squeezed or small buttons are pressed are difficult for some children with disabilities to use, so the MERU workshop adapts them so that they work with large buttons or switches.

Toys aren’t just for fun. Toys have a long-lasting impact on a child’s life. Interacting with toys helps to create neural pathways and connections that are vital for children’s development. If disabled children are deprived of their chance to interact and play with toys, they miss out on this crucial stage of their development.

Toys help children learn about cause and effect too. This developmental stage is so important. It’s when children learn that their actions have consequences, both good and bad.

In addition to early years’ toys, there are also favourites like Scalextric racetracks and train sets.

To learn more about MERU's Adapt a Toy service please click here or to donate today to enable us to adapt more toys for disabled children please click here.