Switching toys on at MERU

Last Christmas we asked our supporters to help us by donating to pay for the parts needed to adapt toys to make them more accessible for children with disabilities. The response was amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Supporters donations made it possible for our enthusiastic and hardworking volunteers to modify hundreds and hundreds of toys. And now, the great news is that we’re going to have adapted toys available all year round!

Many toys that have features which come to life when they’re squeezed or small buttons are pressed are difficult for some children with disabilities to use, so MERU adapts them so that they work with large buttons or switches.

In addition to early years’ toys, there are also favourites like Scalextric racetracks and train sets, and we will be keeping adapted accessible versions of these available for sale on the MERU online shop all year round.

Buy adapted toys at any time

If you know a little one that has a birthday or other special event coming up, but who finds some toys difficult to use, why not see if we’ve got anything that could work well to meet his or her needs? Or, if you’re not sure what would work best, give us a call on 01372 725203 or email us and you can speak with one of our engineers, who will offer advice and recommendations.

To learn more about MERU's Adapt a Toy service please click here or to donate today to enable us to adapt more toys for disabled children please click here.