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Planning a holiday or travel as a disabled person or with a disabled family member can seem challenging, but QEF can help.

The question we ask when it comes to offering travel options for people with disabilities or injuries is ‘how can we positively change people’s lives and increase their independence?’ Our TryB4uFly service and accessible canal boat are two answers to this question.

Tryb4uFly enables disabled people to try out various seating and transfer options in real aircraft seating, with an expert to give advice. The best option can then be rented or bought from QEF.

We’ve been taking this service out to airports around the country and holding events aimed at helping people with disabilities prepare for air travel. Comments about the services have included people saying that it ‘makes the impossible seem possible!’

Another holiday option that QEF offers is a canal boat that’s highly adapted, not just to be wheelchair friendly and with accessible accommodation, but which can be steered by someone that has very limited movement.

The QEF Jubilee
Our canal boat – the QEF Jubilee - is not just wheelchair-friendly, but has adaptations that include hydraulic lifts and a helm area with both wheel and joystick controls. There is a full medical bed and a hoist, two more beds with hoist tracking, eight other beds, and bathroom with a shower that can accommodate a power wheelchair.

Based in Hemel Hempstead on the Grand Union Canal, the QEF Jubilee can travel down into London, which means that many of the city’s attractions are available, or head out through the Chiltern Hills, including to wheelchair accessible nature reserves. Matt Sharpe, a Dorincourt resident who went on a trip on the QEF Jubilee with his family said: “The best bit is the steering. I’ve controlled the boat and really enjoyed it.”

Matt’s mother added: “Matt feels so often that he’s excluded from things that most people can do, but this has just been fully inclusive and he’s had a lovely time.”