Volunteering at QEF

Stuart was a teacher for 20 years until he became ill and had to stop work. Volunteering at QEF has helped him to get his confidence back. 

I was first involved with QEF in January 2018. I saw an ad on social media asking for volunteers at QEF and when I got in touch I found out that there was a lot that I could offer.
QEF was the nearest charity to me and I had worked with disabled children in the past so it seemed like a good fit. “I thought that I would just be answering phones but Hazel, QEF’s volunteer coordinator, said ‘no, why not get out there and do some other things?’ I’d been housebound for too long and knew I had to get out more. It helped me as it got me out of the front door and out working in public. I spent time at Dorincourt talking and dancing with residents. Just being there was great for me personally.

“It was great to see the connection between the shop and the services QEF provides”

“I’ve also volunteered in a QEF charity shop. Putting money in the till made me realise it all made a difference. It was great to see the connection between the shop and the services that QEF provides. “There were so many ‘best moments’, but they really start when you walk through the doors at Dorincourt. The dancing sessions are amazing, there’s so much joy and enthusiasm! It’s all about freedom and ensuring everyone is equal regardless of ability. I was able to feel so much a part of that community.” Stuart has now returned to work as a teacher and believes that if he hadn’t volunteered he wouldn’t have got to this point. He says: “being at Dorincourt meant that I could work with people and families again. During school breaks, I’ll come back and do as much as I can!” We’d like to say a big thank you to Stuart and all our volunteers. 

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