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About QEF

QEF is a national charity based in Surrey working with over 5,000 children and adults with physical and learning disabilities every year. We offer practical and life transforming help for people of all ages, helping them to develop greater independence and build up confidence, so that everyone has the freedom to live their life to their full potential.

How your school can support QEF

Fundraising is a wonderful way to teach children and young people about the importance of giving back to their community but, more specifically, fundraising for QEF allows the opportunity to educate pupils about the challenges disabled children and young people can face.

Your school can support the work we do here at QEF by fundraising for any of our specific projects or, by making us your charity of the year - it’s completely up to you!

How QEF can support schools

We are dedicated to supporting all schools that fundraise for us and therefore offer an assembly for your pupils, as well as support throughout your fundraising events and activities via telephone, email and in person. We can also provide you with fundraising materials such as stickers, balloons, posters and certificates.

Below, you will find the links to our fundraising pack and activity sheets that will provide you with the tools to help you kick start your school into fundraising! ‘U Do!’, the characters you can see in the images above, are QEF’s friendly fundraising character's that will inspire your pupils to get involved in lots of different ways!

How QEF supports children

Here at QEF we offer disabled children a range of ready-made disability products aimed at supporting them in increasing their independence. For example:

Our Switch Adapted Toys adaptation programme is aimed at making simple toys that help very young children more accessible to disabled children by adding larger buttons and different switches.

The Bugzi Loan-Scheme offers pre-school children a free indoor powered wheelchair that allows children with disabilities to experience independent mobility for the first time in their lives. The video below shows how our Bugzi changed life for 2 year old Max.

Schools Fundraising Pack

Click on the image to download our schools fundraising pack:


Thank you

QEF would like to say a big Thank You to St. Christopher’s School of Epsom for recently raising a total of £11,123.92.

We would also like to thank Jubilee High School for raising £554, Heathside School for raising their continued support and for raising £1500, Aberdour School for raising £324 and St. Peters School for their continued support.

Contact details

Soya Budhathoki       Email: Soya.Budhathoki@qef.org.uk            Telephone: 01372 841 125