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About QEF

Queen Elizabeth's Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) is a national charity with more than 80 years experience that supports over 4,000 children and adults with physical and learning disabilities every year. We provide practical and life transforming help to enable people to reach their full potential and achieve their goals in life including rehabilitation, independent living services and mobility services. Additionally, the QEF family of charities all work closely together to provide innovative solutions for disabled people of all ages. 

Getting your RAG Soc involved

"Working with QEF this year has been a dream! They are an extremely engaged charity, who have a great interest in student fundraising. A close relationship between a RAG and a charity adds another level of satisfaction and success to fundraising and this is something QEF has excelled at maintaining." (Kings College London GKT, 2017)

If you would like QEF to apply to become one of your RAG charities of the year please send your application form to Soya.Budhathoki@qef.org.uk. Or, if you would like to hold a one off fundraising event at any point throughout the year please call 01372 841 125 to discuss. 

How QEF can support you and your volunteers

Throughout the year we can provide you with as much support as you want. We can offer:

- Volunteer training/workshops                            - Links to challenge events companies 

- Support at fundraising events and with RAG activities        - Links with railway companies

Volunteering Opportunities 

- Week long internship in the fundraising department       - Charity shop volunteers

- Group day at the Medical Engineering Research Unit        - QEF events volunteers                                           

Thank you

We would like to say a BIG thank you to Kings College London GKT RAG Society who have raised a whopping £7804.76 and organised some great fundraising events this year! 

Contact details

Soya Budhathoki         Email: soya.budhathoki@qef.org.uk       Telephone: 01372 841 125