Hear what some of our corporate partners say about working with us...


“Last year, having considered a range of local charities we selected QEF as our ‘charity of the year’ as we felt their purpose and vision to help people with disabilities or injuries to gain independence and lead a fuller life resonated with our goal to ‘lead the world in essentials for a better life’

We have been partnering with them since, embarking on a wide range of activities from cake bakes and car washes, to pumpkin carving and raffles to raise funds to buy a Bugzi for one of QEF beneficiaries. The QEF team have been very supportive coming on site to joining us and educate our employees on the services QEF provide. We had a very successful day with QEF last summer redecorating their canteen and landscaping their gardens, again with tremendous support from the QEF staff and some of their residents who came to join us for tea.  The event was attended by over 70 K-C employees who thoroughly enjoying spending time together outside the office to provide practical help and make a difference to the space used by the QEF community.

Through our combined efforts we have managed to raise enough money to buy one Bugzi earlier this year which is now being used by a young boy called Dylan. A couple of employees were able to go and meet Dylan having a test run with his new mobility device and were delighted and moved to see the joy he experienced through gaining more independence.

We had plans in place for another practical support day but is on hold due to the current climate – we hope to be in a position to hold it again soon and in the meantime continue to support QEF remotely through as best we can.”

Kimberly-Clark Reigate Community Committee

"At Squire Energy we have always believed we are part of a community and when we looked to support that community better we wanted to work with a charity that was not only local to us and fundamental to making a difference to as many people as possible but one that also had reach. With QEF delivering vital support to individuals, families and children in the way they do it wasn’t hard for Squire Energy to choose to lend its support with one voice. QEF’s vision, enthusiasm, determination and compassion won us over.

Our partnership with QEF has taught us a lot about support, team-work and fundraising but also how hard they work on behalf of the community. With QEF’s insight and creative thinking we have found a co-operative and pro-active partner who really help us to not only understand where and when we are most needed but also offer the opportunities and tools for us to participate in rewarding and effective fundraising activities. We look forward to continuing this partnership into the new year and beyond."

Steve Gray, Project Manager at Squire Energy